Promoting high-quality education, environmental sustainability and cultural activities to empower a country and enhance its identity are very important challenges around the world.

Demain was born to help Costa Rica – a land with huge opportunities – in overcoming these challenges. We work hand-in-hand with students, teachers, local communities and authorities, and other key stakeholders to achieve our mission.

Our adventure began between coffee farms and a theater in 1991, but we wanted to do more, so 10 years ago we started our journey through Costa Rican national parks and schools, hoping to promote the change needed to improve our country.

Demain Foundation works with very clear objectives that will help impact education, environment and culture at a nationa level. Our actions have specific and measurable results in the the short term.

Help us to enhance education, protect the environment and bring culture to Latin America.

Demain Foundation Believes in These Projects


  • Chairman: Steve Aronson
  • President & CEO: Daniel Samper
  • Vicepresident: Guillermo Groisman
  • Director: Wendy Rodríguez
  • Director: Anton Derosa 
  • Secretary: Alberto Frauenberg
  • CFO: Herbert Morales


Elenilzon Arroyo

Asobitico’s Executive Director

“Asobitico seeks to improve secondary education by implementing the International Baccalaureate Programme, so our students have more and better opportunities, as well as a world-class education. Our goal is to enroll 20 public high schools in the IB programme.”

Rocío Echeverri

ProParques’s Director

ProParques is a non-profit organization, integrated by professionals, academics, environmentalists and business owners, who identify, conceptualize and execute concrete projects that secure the long-term sustainability of the national parks. Based on two main components, we look for practical solutions for specific needs: the continuous training of the park rangers and the enhancement of the tourists’ experience.”

Natalia Rodríguez

ACTE’s Director

“The “Asociación Cultural Teatro Espressivo“ is a nonprofit organization that works to promote a high-quality culture that is accesible to everyone and sustainable in the long term. We support projects that demonstrate innovation, professionalism and that can have a positive impact in our society.

Investing in culture is one of the most significant investments we can make to create a better society.”